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Anderson Powerpole


The 30 amp Anderson Powerpole® is the de facto standard power connector within emergency communications organizations around the country. The Powerpole® allows for quick field installation and interchange of power supplies and radio equipment without having to resort to adapter cables, clip leads and other jury-rigged arrangements.

Powerpoles® are both polarized and genderless, so you never have to worry about male vs. female or positive vs. negative. Connections can be quickly made and remade in the dark without any hassles and the 30 amp connector can easily handle 100 watt radios.

Housings should be mated according to the diagram above, viewing from the contact side (opposite the wire side), tongue down, hood up, RED on the LEFT, BLACK on the RIGHT. Use a 3/32-inch-diameter roll pin, 1/4 inch long, to keep the housings from sliding apart.

Silver-plated copper contacts allow minimal contact resistance at high currents. Self-wiping action on make and break keeps conducting surfaces clean. Contact dents keep connectors mated in high-vibration applications and provide quick-break, snap action upon disconnect.

Noncorrosive stainless-steel leaf springs maintain constant contact pressure—ideal for frequent connections/disconnections and intermittent overloading. Durable, high impact-resistant, polycarbonate housing with UL94V-2 flammability ratings comes in many colors for circuit traceability and coding.

Identical connector halves are genderless—making assembly quick and easy and reducing the number of parts stocked. Molded-in dovetails allow for customized harness in a variety of configurations.

The 15-ampere contacts are designed for 16-20 AWG wire and the 30-ampere contacts are designed for 12-16 AWG wire. The contacts can be soldered or crimped to wires. A crimping tool is available from Anderson but you can find a better deal if you shop around for other manufactures of a compatible tool. After a contact has been attached to a wire, it should be installed into the housing so that the housing spring mates with the underside of the contact.

To remove a contact from the housing, use Anderson insertion/extraction tool #111038G2. You may also substitute a very small blade (jewelers screwdriver or X-acto knife) to depress the spring, allowing the contact to be removed.  

Anderson Part Numbers

        30 A   
Complete Connector  
  Roll Pin


Anderson PowerpoleŽ connectors are available from:

Ham Radio Outlet
933 N Euclid St. Anaheim, CA 92801
Toll Free: 800-854-6046
Local: 714-533-7373

401 South Harbor Blvd. F320
La Habra, CA 90631
(714) 570-3303

Cable X-Perts
416 Diens Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090
(800) 828-3340
http://www.cablexperts.com (under DC Power)

Powerpole is a trademark of Anderson Power Products.
Illustration and text copyright © 1998 Orange County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
& copyright © 1998, 1999 Carson Valley Radio Club, Inc. Used with permission.