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Elmer (Mentor) Program

You studied, took the test and passed.  You just logged on to the FCC website and found what your official Amateur Radio call sign is.  Now what do you do? 

 If you are asking yourself that question or any other amateur related question, we have just what you need.  The Anaheim Amateur Radio Association has an Elmer Program for all hams who have questions or want some help in understanding the technical aspects of the hobby.  By the way, an “Elmer” is what hams call experienced amateurs who like to help others in learning more about radio operation and techniques. One of our members will offer assistance on any subject related to Ham Radio that may be needed. Our members have years or experience in testing, troubleshooting, Repeaters, Antenna systems and operating techniques.

You may contact Dennis McLaughlin at the phone number or email address below to get started. We are eager to help anyone who has questions about ham radio. That is what the hobby is all about, studying, learning, communication with other hams (even if it’s not on the radio), getting on the air and having fun!

Phone number: 714-832-1404
Email address: DMCL43@sbcglobal.net