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Essential Links:

ARRL — American Radio Relay League


ARRL SW DIVISION — ARRL Southwestern Division Page

ARRL Letter — Read the ARRL Newsletter

FCC — FCC's Amateur Radio Page

TASMA — (Two Meter Area Spectrum Management Association) — TASMA is a volunteer organization of radio amateurs that coordinates 2 meter band activities for Southern California. Its goal is to minimize interference and maximize spectrum usage. This is done primarily by coordinating locations and frequencies for repeater operation and the development of band plans. Here is the link to the Two Meter Band Plan that TASMA has implemented for Southern California, and includes the allocated simplex frequencies for various operating modes and frequency pairs for repeaters.

ULS Page — FCC's Universal LIcensing System Page

HDSCS — Hospital Disaster Support Communications System.

OCRACES — Orange County RACES

Links to Amateur Related Resources:

QRZ — Online Callbook.

Buckmaster — Another Online Callbook.

eHAM — Ham Radio on the net! Product Reviews, Classifieds, News, Articles, Forum etc.

Powerwerx — Powerpoles & OEM Connectors.

Ham Radio Outlet — The biggest Ham Store in the country!

The K8CX Ham Gallery — Multimedia Amateur Radio Site.

Condor Connection — Linked 220 Repeaters Covering Three States.

Other Links:

Adobe Acrobat — Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our newsletter