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Club Repeaters


For over 30 years the AARA has operated two 2 meter and two 220 repeaters that provide excellent coverage in LA / Orange County. These repeaters and open to all licensed amateur radio operators. Feel free to check out the repeaters and have a QSO with other stations in the Southern California Area.

Whether you’re new to amateur radio or a seasoned ham with hundreds of DX contacts in your log, just announce your call sign on one of the repeaters and say you’re “Monitoring the repeater and waiting for a call”. It’s that easy to get a good QSO started.

Here’s information on the repeaters:

Frequency Offset   Tone Location Call 
146.7900 -0.6 MHz  114.8 (In) /103.5 (Out) Fullerton, St Jude Hospital K6SYU
146.7900 -0.6 MHz  103.5 (In) /103.5 (Out) Long Beach, VA Hospital K6SYU
224.5000 -1.6 MHz  162.2  Fullerton, St Jude Hospital K6SYU
224.5000 -1.6 MHz  156.7  Long Beach, VA Hospital K6SYU


If you use or monitor the repeaters, you will notice that the Long Beach repeaters have a voice ID and the Fullerton repeaters have a morse code ID. This means that you can be transmitting to the Long Beach repeater and at the same time having a QSO with a station that is using the Fullerton repeater (and vice-versa). This is because the frequency pair for 2 meter repeaters are the same, the only difference is the PL Tone which will determine which repeater will be retransmitting you signal. This is the same situation for the 220 repeaters.


Additional info on the repeaters can be found with these links to repeaterbook.com:

• 2-meter Fullerton, St. Jude Hospital Repeater

• 2-meter Long Beach, VA Hospital Repeater

• 220 Fullerton, St. Jude Hospital Repeater

• 220 Long Beach, VA Hospital Repeater


Please practice good and courteous amateur radio operating procedures while on the repeaters. Remember, all amateurs love to be on the radio to have fun and informative QSOs!!


Becoming a member of the AARA will help keep these repeaters operating and open to the amateur radio community. Please consider joining.